TribeGames represent the evolution of the advergame as an online marketing tool. As one of TribeAgency's many online data collector solutions, TribeGames leverage the rich brand experience found in traditional advergames while adding the new dimensions of data capture and market research.

TribeAgency is a leader in online game development. Our custom games span the full range of interactive and graphics style. TribeGames are specifically designed to collect consumer profile information while immersing the participating player in a positive branding experience that typically last 7-9 minutes.

Clients enjoy the games' consistent performance as online branding vehicles and praise our advanced data capture and user analysis reporting. More importantly their existing and potential customers can't get enough of the rich media and addictive game play.

TribeAgency has developed advergame solutions for clients like Brother, Chicago Fire, FTD, Major League Soccer, NCSBN, and United Stationers.

TribeAgency can show your organization how to use TribeGames to more effectively expose your brand to your target customers while creating a positive return on investment.

Below are just a few examples of some of the interactive web games we've created as holiday promotions. Sit back and take one for a spin so you can experience first hand how TribeGames can add a whole new dimension to your marketing plan.

For more information about how TribeGames can be utilized in your relationship strategy, contact a TribeAgency strategy team member at 773.227.2200

Christmas Games

Tasty Flakes
Tasty Flakes Think you have what it takes to be the TastyFlakes Champion? Pick your character and see how many fresh snow flakes you can catch on your tongue...umm tasty. Advance through three levels in your quest to be the Tasty Flakes champion.
Little Timmy's Holiday Extravaganza
Little Timmy's Holiday Extravaganza Help Little Timmy get his holiday wish - revenge on the bullies and scary snowmen in his town. Play through three acts of snowball shooting gallery action at the barnyard, a school, and the playground.
Frosty Fabricator - 2005 Macromedia Site of the Day
Frosty Fabricator Build-A-Better-Snowman with our festive Frosty Fabricator! Choose from many humorous parts and build your snowman piece-by-piece. Then send it on to a friend so they can join in the festive holiday cheer!

Halloween Games

Board of Secrets - 2006 Macromedia Site of the Day
Board of Secrets Ask the Board of Secrets your most guarded questions and watch as answers appear or if you dare seek advice on a future event and learn your fate.
Sweet Sabotage - 2005 Macromedia Site of the Day
Sweet Sabotage It is the night before Halloween and you must lead your goblin horde into the human lands to stop their vile children from consuming all the candy and desecrating Halloween with their insipid gluttony. You must go house to house stealing the candy with your minions in the cover of nightfall.
Whack-A-Soul - 2004 Macromedia Site of the Day
Whack-A-Soul On All Hallow's Eve the souls of the wicked rise from the grave, it is your charge to keep the spirits of the dead from roaming the land of the living. So get out your hammer and put on your game face because things are about to get ugly.
Fright Factory - 2003 Macromedia Site of the Day
Fright Factory Welcome to the fiendishly fabulous Fright Factory! Within the factory you can assemble you own monster by combining the most horrific and grotesque bits and pieces on this side of the netherworld. Enter if you dare!

Valentine's Day Games

Magnetic Distraction - 2006 Macromedia Site of the Day
Magnetic Distraction Magnetic Distraction is magnetic poetry, but with the unique ability to send the message you create on to those you love! So go ahead and get creative...
Perfect Match - 2005 Macromedia Site of the Day
Perfect Match St. Valentine's Day is your opportunity to buff up your memory and make the Perfect Match! In this classic memory game, you must use your mind to uncover the heart's sappy rhetoric. So get clicking and make that Perfect Match!
Cupid's Challenge - 2004 Macromedia Site of the Day
Cupid's Challenge Assist Cupid on his quest to advance through the levels of Love. Flutter your way to cloud nine and collect the hearts while avoiding the emotional baggage in this St. Valentine's Day Game. We hope you warm up to this one and spread the love!