TribeAgency can intensify your company's project by turning the message into an experience. We develop immersive environments that tap into a visitor's or consumer's every sense, allowing them to be fully enveloped by your entertainment, educational or business environment.

Immersing your audience in a complete environment stimulates their mind, leading to a poignant, unforgettable presentation of your company's image and creating a strong emotional tie to your company's products or services.

By placing interactive and multimedia solutions within a themed environment, TribeAgency can create a totally new, memorable and exciting experience.

Immersive Capabilities include:

  • Conception and Consulting
  • Design and Theme Exploration
  • Production and Realization
  • Integration and Installation
  • Event Planning and Marketing
  • System and Infrastructure Design
  • Point of Purchase and Retail Environments
  • Tradeshow and Franchise Booths
  • Museum and Archive Displays